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Junior Roller Derby is for everyone AGES 7-17!


Required Gear Checklist 

● Helmet: (properly fitting-see WFTDA guidance)
● Suggested brands: S1
● Mouth Guard – We do not rent mouthguards.
● Suggest Brand: SISU, custom fits to mouth.

Protective Pads:

This a great starter pack for all your pads.
● Wrist Guards: wrap around or slide out
● Elbow Pads: (hard outer shell)
● Knee Pads: (hard outer shell)
● Quad Roller Skates: (no inline)  We Highly recommend buying at the skate shop and getting properly sized.
● Suggested Brands: Bont, Ridell, Antix
● Suggested wheels: Indoor Wheels (86-91)

Properly fitting gear is an important part of physical safety. Reach out if you have any questions.

1. You can rent gear to get started for $10/month. Please let us know in the Signup form.
2. You must purchase your own mouthguard. SISU brand recommended. Your own well fitting helmet is also Required.
3. Oaks Park and Five Strides in Portland are great shops to get fitted and buy gear. Derby Warehouse is a great online site if you know your sizes.

Questions ? Contact us!
  • What’s the time commitment?

    We’d like our skaters to attend as many practices as possible, but understand many of our families are very scheduled and conflicts will arise.

  • Is Junior League competitive? Is there travel involved?

    Junior League is focused on teaching our skaters the fundamentals of roller derby. At this point in time, we will not travel to compete against other teams, but may scrimmage within our league locally.

  • Who will my child play with?

    In Junior League, safety is our top priority. We use a rubric to ensure that junior skaters are grouped by size and ability so that everyone can stay safe and develop their skills and confidence.

  • Is Roller Derby a full contact sport? Is there risk of injury?

    Like all sports roller derby carries some risk. We utilize a skills progression protocol to ensure that skaters are placed in environments that are matched to their abilities. This means skaters will not be placed in partial or full contact scenarios until they can demonstrate safety on skates and other foundational skills. The safety and wellbeing of our skaters is our top priority and skaters are always free to remove themselves from drills if they feel uncomfortable.

  • Does my child need their own gear? It seems pretty expensive…

    We understand that kids are growing and that gear can be costly. We strongly encourage families to acquire their own gear but will strive to accommodate gear rentals whenever possible. Proper fit is key, so please let our coaching staff and volunteers know if you have any questions about gear.

  • Are there other costs?

    The only other cost parents are responsible for is a skater insurance policy that is $40 per year. This is a requirement in order to skate.

Questions? Contact Us!


The Winter/Spring Session will begin February 5th and will end on May 28th.

The Fall Session will begin in October and end 1st of the new year. 

Practices will be held on Sundays at the Hood River Armory from 2:30-4:00 P.M.

Parents & skaters will be notified of venue changes.

Skaters in Gorger Roller Derby’s Junior League must be at least 7 years old at the time of their first practice.  Skaters must also be under the age of 18 .

Your what we call fresh produce…. you don’t need any experience. In fact this entire leauge was created by people who at one point had none . Just click on this link to get yourself signed up for skater intake.

Start My New Derby Life!


aGES 7 – 17



Gear Rental

Don’t have your own gear yet? No Worries! 

Gear Rental is Limited *


Per month


Dues cover the cost of facilities , equipment , and coaching.



JRDA insurance

Skaters are required to have JRDA insurance which is paid once annually at the beginning of the season